Wednesday, October 17, 2018

15 Easy Valentines to Give Your Kids

The first man to ever give me a Valentine was my father. It was a small statue of a little girl that read Dear God, Thanks for Fridays!, and Dad presented it to me as I sat working on homework in my room after school one Valentine’s Day. Now, my dad was not a habitual knick-knack [...]

Playground Equipment – Intensity and Voltage, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

See more Playground Designs: For the ultimate in variety, flexibility and size, it’s hard to beat a playground combining Intensity and our Voltage system. This playground features a wide variety of events designed to develop strength and agility. The rope-climbing events such as Nimble Net and Limber Ladder were especially popular with a class [...]

Outdoor Playground Equipment | Timed Relay |Sports Legacy Zone

Proludic virtual coaches, Steve Backley and Roger Black, give advice on how to tackle a timed relay on the Sports Legacy Zone, a state of the art piece of outdoor playground equipment.

Outdoor Playset Installation and Safety Tips

Learn how to install an outdoor playset safely with these tips and instructions from the experts at Lowe’s. Find a spot that is free from tree branches and has a six foot safety zone around the playset. Install on solid ground and is level. If your ground isn’t level, you can level it yourself. Start [...]