Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Dangers of Cowboy Parenting

The Lessons a Laptop Shooting Parent Can Teach Us Have you heard about the one where the father shoots up the computer like a cowboy shoots up a saloon? While it might seem like a Wild West justice system, a father from California is either being hailed a hero for teaching his daughter a lesson [...]

Evie and Alex Playing

Evie & Alex playing on their new outdoor play equipment. Thanks Grandma & Grandpa!

Playground Equipment at Optimist Park, North Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

See more Playground Designs: The statement, “It takes a village” can apply to many aspects of society and is especially relevant to the birth of the Optimist Park playground. Youngsters from the area have a new playground to enjoy for years to come due to the collaboration of the Village of North Fond du [...]

Playground Equipment at Fond du Lac County Fairgrounds, Wisconsin

See more Playground Designs: BCI Burke couldn’t wait to get one of their newly designed and built Nucleus™ playgrounds in the hands of some of the most important people in the world-kids. So, working with Fond du Lac County, they designed a remarkable system and installed it across town from their factory in the [...]

The Greatest Sandbox custruction plans ever created – The Sahara –

Create your own backyard beach! Fill your summer with lasting memories of smiles on your kids face. One of my most memorable experiences as a kid was playing in a sandbox with my brothers. Wed spend hours outdoors in the sand building castles, tunnel systems, roads and whatever our imaginations could create. Todays kids need [...]