Saturday, October 20, 2018

Why Are Girls So Mean?

There are those little girls who sneer “You can’t play with me today” with disdain in their voices. And there are those little girls with aching hearts who hear those words and shrink back from their peers, unsure of what just happened. Mean girls are infiltrating our daughter’s classes, clubs, and neighborhoods, and they are [...]

Playground Built in Under One Minute BCI Burke Playground Equipment Installation Draws 445 Volunteers GRAND PRAIRIE, Texas (April 8, 2009) Students, families, churches, civic organizations and community leaders came together by the hundreds Saturday to install a large new BCI Burke playground that in many cases would take days to complete. But with 445 volunteers, several officials from BCI Burke [...]

Farmer Palmers Farm Park in Dorset

Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park in Dorset is the perfect place to take you children for a brilliant day out. You can feed the animals, play on the indoor and outdoor play equipment, relax in the Hen House restaurant, get lost in the Maize Maze, take the tractor ride and the Woodland Walk, get close to [...]