Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Don’t Tell Your Kids to Apologize

Why teaching kids to just say “Sorry” is a bad idea Don’t get me wrong – I think children sometimes lack the skill of apologizing, but more importantly they are lacking the ability to apologize sincerely. It is the difference between uttering those words and acting on those words – and the difference lies in [...]

Plum Products – My First Play Centre

The My First Play Centre is perfect for hours of energy burning fun for the young climber. Packed with fun features and is ideal for agile and active play for young kids. Available for purchase online within Australia from My Toyworld – The play centre includes a rock wall with multi-coloured hand and foot [...]

KPE (Kid Powered Energy): Animal Tunes

Give kids a creative outlet with KPE, the play equipment that runs entirely on the charge kids give it when they spin, push and press its wheels and buttons. Kids get a charge, too: each activity is designed to raise their heart rates and work their upper bodies as they play with it. • Kids [...]

Are You Ready to Be a Mompreneur?

Mom + Entrepreneur = Mompreneur And Taking the Workforce by Storm! Motherhood is a job – just one that doesn’t pay with money, but in so many other rewards. However, since it doesn’t pay for the electric bill or the groceries, many moms turn to working part-time or full-time, inside or outside of the home [...]

Wisconsin’s source for Superior Outdoor Swing Sets is PlayN Wisconsin.

Only Natural Redwood and Cedar swing sets built with superior quality from PlayN Wisconsin

Plum Products – Indri Play Centre

Provides hours of fun for kids all year round and is perfect for agile and active play. The Indri play centre will help your children run off all their energy as well as help improve balance co-ordination and strength. Available for purchase online within Australia from My Toyworld – Children will enjoy the ladder [...]

Am I Crazy for Co-Sleeping?

No! Sleep like a baby. Actually, sleep near a baby. The benefits of co-sleeping are sometimes far overlooked amid the hyped up fears of lack of privacy, interrupted nights, and dangers of bed-sharing (which is different from co-sleeping and not as dangerous as critics say). I never set out a formal plan with my first [...]

Now Open – Come on in and PlayN Wisconsin

PlayN Wisconsin’s primary focus is a retailer of superior outdoor play equipment. We have chosen to carry what we believe is nothing but the very best in backyard residential play systems, trampolines, and basketball hoops. Our products can be enjoyed by people of all ages and sizes. PlayN Wisconsin’s second focus is to provide a [...]

Greenway Primary School – Trim Trail

The children of Greenway Primary School cross Greenfield Leisure trim trail from one side to the other.

Kompan Moments.mp4

•MomentsTM combine clear colours with soft and friendly shapes •Traditional activities such as sliding, swinging and wobbling •Obvious themes of play with strong identification invite play, spark the imagination and develop important fundamental skills Ages 2 – 6 Years •MomentsTM found it’s artistic roots from Tom Lindhardt, a sculptural artist from Denmark •Combining a variety [...]

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