Sunday, October 21, 2018

Old School Education

Classical Education – An Effective Method for Teaching Kids in a Modern World Are our children being educated well enough to lead the world, or barely well enough to lead their friends down the bike path? Education is a hot topic right now in politics on local and national levels. One of the interesting discussions [...]

Do Nice Moms Have Smarter Kids?

The Role of Nurturing Moms in Brain Development A study recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reports to have found clear evidence of the link between nurturing mothers and increased brain structures in children. Authors from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis claim that nurturing mothers are [...]

Risk Taking is Healthy for Kids

The Rewards of Risks Do you ever get that lump in your throat, that tremble in your leg, or that drip of sweat on your palms when you are just about to take a risk? Risks take us out of our comfort zones and shake our senses of self-awareness and confidence. Our children experience risk [...]

Hugging Bans Should Be Banned

Be careful – your kids might be involved with …..extreme hugging! This is the dangerous and inappropriate behavior that school officials claim has no place in academic settings where hundreds of children are gathered together, for up to 8 hours a day. They are trying to keep their students safe during the school day, and [...]

5 Favorite Easter Egg Activities for Kids

Egg-stra special Easter activities for kids! OK – sorry – I know that was corny but I couldn’t resist. My children love Easter. For them it holds religious significance, is a time that represents spring, new beginnings, dinner at Grandma’s, time with family, and the biggest and wildest Easter egg hunt in the Midwest. We [...]

Are You Raising a Poor Sport?

Teaching Kids the Power of Good Sportsmanship Would you ever consider telling your 5-year-old to shove the ballerina next to her in the recital to give your daughter the advantage? Or would you smile if your 3-year-old son poked the soccer goalie in the eye so he couldn’t see the ball anymore? Of course (hopefully) [...]

Are Colleges Robbing Our Children?

The Business of Education and For Profit Universities When President Barack Obama was elected, he vowed to make education a top priority and claimed that in order for America to be successful every high school graduate needed to go on to achieve some type of higher learning. The case was made by FRONTLINE in an episode [...]

5 Easy Recipes Your Kids Can Make

There was a strange but wonderful transition in our home a few years ago when my children began to want to prepare meals for us. I’m not talking about imaginary or Play-Doh meals where we indulge our kids and consume various delicacies they serve at tea parties. I am talking about full blown, look up [...]

10 Ways to Ease Ear Infections

Help You and Your Child Survive Painful Ear Infections If you have ever awakened to a screaming baby, only to search for the source of the distress and be baffled by an apparent lack of it, you might have experienced your child’s first ear infection. Ear infections are painful inflammations that can be caused by [...]

5 Dangerous Shortcuts for Kids

Shortcuts are good, right? We can get to our destinations faster, reach our goals with speed, and mark one more thing off of our lists. But what if in the process of taking shortcuts we teach our kids a dangerous approach to life? While there might be an app for just about everything, instant gratification [...]

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