Saturday, October 20, 2018

Is Your Child Strong?

Encouraging and Developing Strengths in Our Children Is your child strong? I don’t mean lifting weights, crushing cinder-blocks strong. Strength, when it is defined in terms of muscular power, doesn’t really reflect all that it represents. Jenifer Fox, in her book Your Child’s Strengths – Discover Them, Develop Them, Use Them, says that “children’s innate strengths [...]

Fun Backyard Activities with the Kids

The weather is amazing, the yard work is calling, and you just want to get outside and mow the grass, trim the trees, or just enjoy your patio as you grill dinner. The hard part might be getting your kids excited about spending time in the yard with you – it’s not like it’s the [...]

10 Ways to Keep Kids Busy

While You Work at Home Stand on top of an exercise ball, balance a fish bowl on your head, and hold one leg out while you play the piano with your toes. This is what it can feel like to be a work-at-home mom when the kids are running through the house. But there are [...]

Help Reluctant Readers Love Books

Reluctant reader is a relatively new term that it being brought to the forefront of many educational conversations. According to Think Literacy,  reluctant readers are those who Appear to be unmotivated to read Lack self-esteem in their reading abilities Report difficulties in reading because of outside interference (i.e. noise) Are frustrated with difficulty levels of [...]

Keep Your Kids Safe Online

What Should Parents Know about Chat Rooms & Pinterest? I have a confession. I would not know ½ as much about or use technology to the extent I do if I didn’t have kids. And because I have children, I have to know twice as much about technology as I would otherwise. The kids are chatting, [...]

Turbo-Charge Your Infant’s Brain Development With the Mommy Mind-Meld

The Power of Parental Example by Marcy Axness, PhD [Even though I refer to the "mommy" mind meld, these principles apply to whomever are the two or three connected, nurturing adults in an infant's life -- father, grandmother, consistent (not rotating) caregiver.] Imitation is the young child’s primary form of learning, which is why one [...]

Parenting for Peace with Marcy Axness

Join us for an author event that will get you thinking about parenting ideas in ways you never imagined! Better Parenting is excited to announce that Marcy Axness, Mothering blogger and parenting expert, will be sharing her insights and ideas about her new book Parenting for Peace right here on April 23rd. Keep an eye on Better [...]

Don’t Hide the Veggies!

Serve Them Kid-Friendly Instead We used to hide our cat’s medicine in any appealing food for her – cheese, hot dogs, or anything else she might wolf down and not notice there was wedged that little pink pill. Hiding the necessary evil isn’t the message I want for my kids, however, when it comes to [...]

No More Painful Immunizations?

Reduce the Pain Your Baby Feels with Techniques Like the 5 S’s Shots hurt. Your baby struggles, cries, and looks at you with such a look of betrayal it can be enough for some parents to feel even worse than their little ones. When babies receive their immunizations there is no rationalizing with them or [...]

What’s So Grand about Grandparents?

Selfish, rude, and juvenile are some of the ways parents describe the overindulging grandparents in their children’s lives. Parents are claiming that grandparents have no rights to “spoil” their children and break some rules because it disrupts their own immediate family’s needs and structure. If you’re a fed up mom or dad and your parents [...]

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