Thursday, October 18, 2018

What is a Functional Behavior Assessment?

(And Why Does it Matter to My Child?) Functional Behavior Assessments (FBAs) are probably most often found on the charts in the Special Education department at your child’s school. However, they are great tools for all parents and educators – even for the brightest and most adaptive kids in the classroom – because even those [...]

Amazing (& Sometimes Hidden) Resources for Parents and Kids

Games, toys, books, and more! Looking for fun, educational, engaging toys, books, and movies for your kids? The more I speak with parents (especially those who don’t homeschool), the more I am convinced that homeschool parents have found accesses to resources that offer great products for kids and families, no matter where your kids spend their days. [...]

Good Parents Know How to Criticize Well

The Value of Constructive Criticism for Kids What is one of the best gifts you have every given your children? I recently read an article by Anthony Kane, MD which says that criticism is one of the best gifts we can provide for our children – far above any toy, gadget, or activity. Now I’m not [...]

10 Rainy Day Activities for Kids

That Will Get Them Away from the Video Games! Spring has sprung and that means the inevitable rainy days where the kids might be moping around and yawning I’m bored. Cure that boredom, without resorting to letting them sit and play video games all day, with these 10 rainy day activities that will get their [...]

The Heartache of Miscarriage

Coping with the Devastation of Miscarriage It was one of the most painful, gnawing, and raw weeks of my life. My husband and I lost our baby in miscarriage, and the tumultuous circumstances surrounding that week are etched in my emotions and memories forever. We are not alone. As many as 15%-20% of all known [...]

15 Fun and Easy Earth Day Activities for Kids

Throw a party for Earth with your kids on April 22nd – Earth Day – with these 15 easy ideas for celebrating the natural environment of the world. This day of recognition began in 1970 with the first Earth Day celebration, a time that marked a slow evolution in learning more about the environment and [...]

Does Your Teen Need a Job?

Why Working Now Translates into Brighter Futures Our family has crossed the threshold and there is no turning back – our oldest teenager is now gainfully employed with her first “real” part-time job. I admit it is a bittersweet time for me as a mother as we move from a family that has been able [...]

Bring a Smile to Your Child

Easy Tips to Chase Away a Bad Day (the kids’ way) Study after study shows that laughter is perhaps one of the best medicines. Give your kids lots of opportunities to laugh with you with these easy ways to get your kids smiling. Have you ever just had a bad day? Our kids can have bad [...]

Let Your Kids Make Their Own Chore Charts

Effective Teaching: Motivation Charts Designed By Kids Gold star stickers and smiling faces are the hallmarks of chore and motivation charts that encourage kids to do anything from make their beds in the morning to be kind to their sisters during the day to finish their homework at night. One of the main criticisms of [...]

7 Ways for Moms to Manage Stress

No matter how organized or effective we feel we are, moms need to find ways to break away from the responsibilities of work and remember who we are. We are women with precariously balanced loads of projects, activities, and things for which we are accountable. Not to mention those people in our lives who make [...]

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