Thursday, October 18, 2018

Is Your Baby a Talker?

Measuring Speech and Language Development Is my child on track with speech and language? This was the question I asked as one of my children grew to be a toddler. Something seemed to be blocking his language development, and it was evident in his speech. Speech and language development in children are two separate issues, [...]

Breastfeeding Toddlers – Extreme Parenting or Natural Nurtition?

Is Attachment Parenting and Breastfeeding Extreme Parenting? Have you seen the cover of the May 10th issue of TIME Magazine? It, and the article to which it refers, is sparking controversy and debate over breastfeeding, especially when breastfeeding is associated with attachment parenting and “extreme parenting” as it is being called. The article recently published in TIME [...]

Are Your Kids Bored?

Why Your Kids Need a New Hobby What hobbies do your kids have? I recently read an article at Better Homes & Gardens where the parents of many kids couldn’t name a hobby their children enjoyed (even though they fondly remember their own from childhood). Between little league and after school clubs and commitments, kids [...]

Challenges of Summer Vacation for Work-at-Home Moms

School is out for the summer… now what? For children it can be one of their favorite times of year – summer vacation – but for parents it can mean stress over how to keep the kids busy, safe, and away from the video games 8 hours each day. If you’re a work-at-home mom or [...]

When the Parents are the Bullies

Bullying at the Ballpark – Parents Can Be the Loudest Losers Parents take the fun out of everything. Kids have been thinking that for years, and sometimes I agree. Take one afternoon and sit at a ballpark, soccer field, dance studio, or ice rink and you will likely hear the calls and cajoles of parents [...]

Avoid the Mother’s Day Guilt Trip

Stay off the Guilt Path as You Celebrate Mother’s Day When I was shopping today I heard a husband ask his wife what she wanted for Mother’s Day. Her response was bluntly honest: “I don’t want to feel guilty that day. I want to shop, even if it is for nothing. I want to do whatever I [...]

How Much Would You Pay for Grades?

Bribes, Rewards, and Extreme Parenting Techniques Do you use a motivation, chore, or behavior chart with your kids? Are your rewards things such as extra computer time, a pack of gum, or maybe nothing but the affirmation that the chores were completed? In stark contrast to what many families attach to their behavior charts as [...]

How Will Your Kids Pay for College?

Who paid for your student loan? Who will pay for your children’s student loans? If you agree with Anya Kamenetz, a senior writer at Fast Company magazine, the government should relieve the debt of our children and our peers who took out too many dollars in student loans through bankruptcy student loan relief programs. She [...]

Can You Survive Camping with Kids?

Tips for Camping with Kids – and Loving It! If being secluded in a miniature dome house with your kids in the middle of the woods sounds like a scary version of Survivor, just give it a chance. Around the bonfire, S’mores in hand, and giggles from all of the kids is one of the [...]

U.S. Education Threatens National Security

Failing Schools Could Pose Dangerous Threat Terrorists, dictators, and unrest in foreign countries aren’t the only dangers facing our country. One of the biggest threats to national security in the United States of America is our school system. This is the message coming from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and the Independent Task Force [...]

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