Thursday, October 18, 2018

Do Kids Need Summer Vacation?

You can practically hear kids groaning in low murmurs across the countryside at the mere mention of year-round education. In increasing trends, schools are looking to year-round school schedules for various reasons. The debate, however, still rages over the effectiveness of these proposed changes to the typical and long-standing education schedules where kids skip and [...]

3 Organization Secrets for WAHMs

Work-at-home-moms require a special, super-hero-like talent: organization beyond belief. If you are considering working from home there is one thing that surpasses almost any other aspect in order for you to become a successful WAHM. If you are already undertaking this adventure, you know that organization is essential for accomplishing a smidgeon of what you [...]

The Power of Praise

Praise can be a powerful thing, and so can telling it like it is. David McCullough Jr., a high school teacher and son of Pulitzer Prize winner David McCullough, recently made headlines for his commencement address to the students of Wellesley High School. His message? You’re not special. While the sound of that might sound [...]

Is My Child Ready for Summer Camp?

Summer camp for kids – it’s not just roasting marshmallows and singing songs around the fire – and not every camp experience is right for every child. From day camps to sleepover camps, kids have more choices in camp experiences than weeks of summer vacation. However, you might be wondering: Is my child really ready [...]

8 Fun and Easy Father’s Day Gifts

From Special Awards to Father’s Day Poems and Quotes Father’s Day is one day – but help create memories with your kids and their father that will last a lifetime. 1. Let the kids decorate an outdoor palace fit for a king. Take Dad’s favorite lawn chair or recliner (or maybe this is the perfect [...]

Effective Teaching Methods for Boys and Girls

Boys and girls are different – let’s get over it and help them find ways to learn to the best of their genetic and environmental differences. Yesterday I wrote a bit about the intriguing book, Boys and Girls Learn Differently, by Michael Gurian, and highlighted some of these typical gender differences. While not all boys [...]

Who Are Smarter – Boys or Girls?

In reality, that is an unfair question. Boys and girls can’t really be compared as being smarter than the other gender, simply because they are different. Science has proven repeatedly that girls and boys demonstrate different propensities for aptitudes, learning styles, and emotional skills. Through the evolution of humans (and in my personal belief – [...]

Tips for Summer Savings

For Stay-at-Home and Work-at-Home Moms Kids crave and devour the freedom and fun of summer, but parents sometimes grimace at the extra expenses summer brings. If you are a stay-at-home mom or work-at-home mom you might notice a sharp rise in expenses now that the kids are exploring all of their summertime options. You can [...]

10 Ways to Include Art in Your Child’s Life

Just because schools are continuing to reduce art class offerings because of budget and resource constraints doesn’t mean the value of art has decreased for our children. According to Americans for the Arts, research shows that exposure to the arts has multiple benefits for children and communities. Students who receive 4 years of art in [...]

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