Monday, October 22, 2018

Breeding Bullies

Does a Parent Raise a Bully? You probably know the child – the one who is always picking on others, taunting, shoving, or just being plain nasty. He is the bully. Maybe he is your child, or the classmate of your son or daughter. I wrote yesterday of how my boys and their friends recently [...]

Bring the Olympics Home

Easy Ways to Enjoy the Olympics with Your Kids Every time the Olympic games gear up in some part of the world, my family prepares for our own type of Olympic adventure. You don’t have to be as graceful as a figure skater or as agile as a gymnast to enjoy some Olympic fun right [...]

Cholesterol Tests for Kids: Necessary or Nonsense?

It’s time for your child’s check-up and you take him in to the doctor expecting his height and weight to be checked, and maybe an immunization for the chicken pox to be given. But are you ready for your pediatrician to order a cholesterol test for your 10 year-old who by all other accounts appears [...]

Games for Family Night

The Family that Plays Together, Stays Together The older the kids get, the more we have to make pointed efforts to have family night. Even on our recent wedding anniversary we celebrated by taking the time to just hang out together as a family – and that is no easy task when we have busy [...]

Raising an Overachiever

How to Raise Kids Who are Always Reaching for the Stars But Who Need to Learn How to Fall I’m fairly certain I won’t be offending my daughter if I refer to her as an overachiever. This will also not be the first time someone uses that phrase to describe her and judging by her [...]

Cancer Genes and Kids

Should You Tell Them You’re a Carrier? Our children are living in a much different world than the one in which we grew up and explored. They have technology at their disposal and opportunities for travel and exploration that we never imagined. They are also living in an era where the tip of the iceberg [...]

Education Beyond the Classroom

Online Schools, Blended Schools, and Homeschools – How Will I Ever Decide? It is that time of year again. The Back to School sales have started creeping in among the inflatable pools and 4th of July clearance items. You can almost hear the woosh that the final sounds of summer are making. And that makes [...]

5 Great Books for Kids

With Easy Activities and Lesson Plans Yesterday I wrote about my disappointment in the article written by Elizabeth DeMeo, 10 Scary Books for Kids to Avoid at Bedtime. It is time for me to put my money where my mouth is and describe my list of 5 books that I have loved to read with [...]

Read Scary Books at Bedtime

I just read a list of 10 Scary Books for Kids to Avoid at Bedtime, by Elizabeth DeMeo and I was cringing and laughing at the same time. Cringing because the list was so obtusely arranged with wonderful stories geared anywhere between preschool and high school and I couldn’t believe some of them made the [...]

Are You Honest With Your Kids?

If you’re a parent – chances are you’ve lied. I have. Like the time I told my son “It’s really not that bad – just keep your hand on the papertowel and don’t move until we get to the ER,” when he fell from a tree and took a stick to his eye. Inside I [...]

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