Thursday, October 18, 2018

Raising Gentlemen

In a World of Wild Beasts Boys will be boys. And moms can still raise sons who are gentlemen – right? The day my first son was born I looked into his eyes and promised myself that I would do everything I could to raise an honorable, loving, gentleman. Now that I have 3 sons [...]

Get Your Kids Some Boring Books

If your kids see Dolch sight word books they might groan and walk away. These books aren’t loaded with colorful pictures and don’t have super-heroes or cartoon characters throughout the pages. But these “boring” books can be some of the most important books you get your preschooler and kindergartner. What Are Sight Words? Researchers and educators [...]

The Darker Sides of School Choices

Under each leaf it is shaded and dark – and under each school choice there are darker issues that make it difficult for parents to choose the best schools for their kids. It used to be that you had two choices for your child’s education – public or private school. Either way your child would [...]

Can a Toddler Live on PB&J Alone?

Raising a Picky Eater I knew something more was going on with my child when I watched him eat – or not eat. He hesitated every time, scanned his foods as if he was searching for a microscopic explosive device, and most often refused to eat unless it was one of 3 foods – bread, [...]

Raising a Mama’s Boy

And Proud of It OK – my boys aren’t going to like that title. What guy wants to be called a mama’s boy? Well – maybe those guys who have learned through experience or even scientific research that when boys have close relationships with their moms they generally grow up to be healthier adolescents and [...]

Mom – I Can’t Fall Asleep!

I have 4 kids who have lived a combined total of more than 50 years (yikes!) and I know I’ve probably heard several months worth of “Mom – I can’t fall asleep!”. Some of that has been the result of watching a scary movie with Dad, some of it from worries about the next day, [...]

American Schools – An Envy of Asian Education Officials?

Is America the new, world-leading model of education? If you’ve listened to all of the numbers, read the statistics, and believed the reports about American students failing in schools and standardized test scores, you would never think that the American education system is envied by anyone. I wouldn’t have thought so either, until I recently [...]

8 Signs You’re Crazy

Or Crazy Enough to Be a Work-at-Home Mom Kids can be tiny balls of honesty – rolling downhill sometimes at breakneck speeds and crashing through everything in their path. So when I hear my kids talk about me to others – I listen – because it is probably going to be an honest assessment of [...]

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