Friday, November 16, 2018

Last Minute Labor Day Plans

Celebrate the Holiday with Easy Ideas Where did summer sneak off to during the night? The unofficial end to summer is upon us. If you are caught with a 3-day weekend and no plans for how to enjoy it with the kids, try some of these easy (and inexpensive) ways to enjoy a last hurrah. [...]

Teenagers are Lazy

And Other Myths About Teens Myth #1 – Lazy teens just want to sleep. Get a roomful of parents of teens together and most will probably agree – their kids like to sleep. Actually, their kids like to sleep in – meaning that they are no longer the early morning risers they used to be [...]

5 Ways to Build Fine Motor Skills

With Your Toddlers and Preschoolers There is something so simple in the pride a child feels when he can finally hold a pencil and write his own name – those combinations of letters scrawled on the page that represent his identity. But getting to the point where your child comfortably uses a pen or pencil [...]

8 Tips to Get Your Teen Reading the Classics

Modern teenagers are probably more likely to be caught reading texts and emails than reading the classics such as To Kill a Mockingbird or A Tale of Two Cities. However, just because these classic books that teens really should be reading aren’t willingly and purposefully added to their backpacks doesn’t mean we should give up [...]

15 Must Read Books for Teens

Vampires, games of death, and teenage romance. If your tweens and teens are reading books like Twilight, The Hunger Games, or Matched, you might be thinking that these are idle chapters of teenage pop culture. That is probably just what our grandparents were told about some now classic books. Between cliff notes and online summaries [...]

Facing Frustration

Teaching Kids How to Deal with Emotions “You should get frustrated more often, Mom. Your gardens look a lot better.” This was the accurate and poignant observation my teenage daughter made just the other day as she watched me pulling weeds from my flower beds – with vigor – as I blew off steam from [...]

Are Your Kids Healthy?

Healthy Kids for Life. That sounds like a wonderful future for my children. My kids haven’t lived long enough for us to know if they will always be healthy, eat well, and remain physically active, but I do know that I want to do what I can here and now to see that happen. Dr. [...]

The High Emotional IQ of a Turtle

Teaching Emotional Literacy Using the Turtle Technique Be the turtle. Normally as a parent I wouldn’t want to encourage my child to go into his shell. I would be encouraging him to reach out, engage with the world, and actively participate with those around him. But the concept of the “turtle technique” is one that [...]

Feed Your Kids Some Dinosaurs

And Other Back to School Traditions Two words – dinosaur pancakes. Since I can remember, my mom always started the first day of school each year by serving up pancakes shaped like dinosaurs for breakfast. That was the only time of year we delighted in such a breakfast menu, and I honestly have no idea [...]

Don’t Clean Out Your Wallet

Save Money and More on Homemade Cleaning Supplies If you believe the commercials on television, your home will twinkle and shine as long as you buy the right products, in the new and improved formulas of floor cleaners, toilet scrubbers, and kitchen disinfectants. If you live in reality (or a home like mine), it takes [...]

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