Saturday, October 20, 2018

Don’t Clean Out Your Wallet

Save Money and More on Homemade Cleaning Supplies If you believe the commercials on television, your home will twinkle and shine as long as you buy the right products, in the new and improved formulas of floor cleaners, toilet scrubbers, and kitchen disinfectants. If you live in reality (or a home like mine), it takes [...]

Why Play Dates are a Bad Idea

Back in the day, kids got together when they wanted to play. We didn’t have dates with other kids. We just played ball in the backyard, created crazy games with the neighbors, and came up with our own plans. But if you’re the parent of a young child, you’ve probably had other parents ask you [...]

6 Steps to Developing Work Ethic

Just whistle while you work… the 7 dwarves had such a great work ethic, but fairy tales don’t always come easily. Raising children who are self-disciplined, responsible, self-reliant, and who have a strong work ethic is not as simple as just whistling the day away. However, there are some things we can do as parents [...]

Finding a College Fit for Your Kids

Helping Kids Select a College that Works for Them Yesterday I sat among other parents, most of us wondering how the time moved by so quickly, listening to advice from a Dean of Admissions at a local private college. We’ve all known this time was coming for our children, when they would spread their still damp educational [...]

Could You Survive ALL Day with Your Teens?

Homeschooling Teenagers and Surviving It Are you really going to homeschool your son in high school? That was the question a “curious” parent asked me as we waited for the baseball game to begin. And the look on her face said, “You’ve got to be crazy if you think you can homeschool a teenager!” Call [...]

Make Your Kids Work for It

 Why Chores Are Important for Work Ethic Even the word “chore” sounds like a downer – it rhymes with “bore”, people rarely say it with a smile, and even the definition in the dictionary defines “chore” in part as: a difficult or disagreeable task. So how can we as parents then teach our children to [...]

5 Easy Lunchbox Recipes

Healthy Lunches for Back to School School is just around the corner, and that means thousands of lunch bags will soon be packed. In order to make sure your kids are the ones eating the food you pack instead of trading it for someone’s leftover dessert, try a few of these easy and healthy lunchbox [...]

5 Ways to Ruin Behavior Charts

  Brush your teeth. Clean your room. Put your laundry away. Feed the pets. Share toys with your baby brother. There are endless streams of behaviors and actions parents want to see from their kids and behavior charts can be an effective way to encourage and establish positive routines. However, all of those efforts can [...]

A Race to the Finish

Parenting Teens – An Uphill Sprint I’m nervous. I have teenagers in the house and the time I spend with them seems to be going at warp speed. There are lifelong lessons yet to be taught, memories to be made, and faith to be shared. But how will I ever teach them everything they need [...]

In Defense of the Stay-at-Home Mom

I was recently at a party and I kept overhearing the conversations floating between a group of women – all commiserating with each other about how “boring” it would be to “just be” a stay-at-home mom. These women all work full-time outside of the home and all were agreeing that stay-at-home moms have too much [...]

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