Monday, October 22, 2018

New Year’s Eve – Family Style

Easy and Fun Ways to Celebrate with the Kids Champaign, horns, music, dancing – does this sound like the New Year celebrations of the years before kids? While you might not be able to throw the big bash anymore between diapers and the sheer exhaustion of parenting young children, you can still celebrate the New [...]

Scream Free Parenting

Is It Really Possible – and Effective? Parenting – it’s not about the kids. This is the ironic message that is delivered in Scream Free Parenting, by Hal Edward Runkel. According to Runkel we are too focused on our kids, too ready to help them, control them, mold them, and be with them. We scream [...]

7 Reasons Why You Should Not Be a Work-at-Home-Mom

The Life of WAHMs Uncovered After more years than I can count, I think I finally consider myself to be a bonified work-at-home mom. And I love it. But that doesn’t mean that this gig is for everyone, or that there aren’t days when I consider what a “normal” life might look like if I [...]

7 Holiday Travel Survival Tips

Printable Activities and Easy Games to Keep Your Kids Busy The gifts are getting wrapped, the cookies are being baked, and the kids are dancing across the ceiling with excitement for the holidays, the travels, and seeing Grandma and Grandma on Christmas Eve. But how are you ever going to remain sane in the process? [...]

Coping with Tragedy

Resources for Children and Parents in the Wake of the Connecticut School Shooting Like so many parents across the country, and the world, I wept today for the children and teachers lost in the unfathomable shooting tragedy in that Connecticut elementary school. My heart aches for the parents, the siblings, family members, and the entire [...]

The Child with Intense Emotions

When it is More than Just a Phase There is no parenting journey that compares with loving and leading a child with intense emotions. No one hands you a helmet with ear plugs, offers you a defense shield, or tucks words of wisdom in your back pocket. You are left standing there – unprepared and [...]

Is Your Teen in an Abusive Relationship?

Redefining Teenage Dating Abuse New research gives parents one more reason to do everything they can to protect their children from teenage dating abuse and violence. Reports just released in the journal Pediatrics show that teenagers who are in abusive relationships appear to be more likely to develop emotional and substance abuse issues when they [...]

Helping Kids Cope with the Loss of a Pet

How to Parent them Through their Grief They are furry, slimy, scaly, or cuddly. They are the other children in our homes – the family pets. And when something happens to Fred the Fish, Leonardo the Lizard, or Dixie the beloved family dog, we can find our parental heads reeling as we try to help [...]

Discipline without Tears and Tantrums: Is It Possible?

Somewhere along the line I found myself moving in parenting from searching for discipline methods that really work to trying to teach self-discipline. As the kids get older and I as their mom get a tad bit wiser, those naughty little moments and tantrums with full-frontal flailing on the floor moments have subsided. They are [...]

What Can I Do To Protect My Kids Online?

When you’re a parent, you constantly worry about the safety of your kids. When your children grow up in a technology-dependent world, those worries carry over to online security. Protecting your family on the Internet is a growing concern as our technology grows. The first step to ensuring your teens are using the internet safely [...]

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