Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Fasten Your Seatbelts! You’re Parenting a Tween

3 Bumps in the Road Tweens Face – and How We Can Help Them Charlene Giannetti and Margaret Sagarese, authors of The Roller-Coaster Years, pinpoint three of the issues of which I hear so many parents struggling with their tweens and young teenagers. Distraction Disorganization Disinterest This three ring circus, as described by Giannetti and [...]

Holiday Survival Guide for WAHMs

Tips to Keep the Joy in Christmas while Working at Home My desk is an eclectic mix of notes for clients, my daughter’s Chemistry books, and the 2013 calendar waiting to be updated. Stranded between two job assignments are my Christmas to-do lists, waiting patiently for a few spare moments. Spare moments? Are those still [...]

Printable Christmas Activities

Help Focus on Giving This Season We love reading the tale of the Grinch each year, and how his heart magically transforms from greedy to full of gratitude. But real life isn’t as easy as standing at the tip of Mount Crumpit and hearing the Whos voices to bring about a change of heart. Every [...]

Stressed Out Kids

Helping Kids Deal with Stress and Anxiety in a Busy World Our kids are bombarded every day with technology, activities, and a fast-paced life that makes my own head swim. Many daily stresses are to be expected, but sometimes the culminating effect of them on kids can take a toll and make them move from [...]

Raising Writers and Readers

Can Begin with Poetry Free Lesson Plan and Tips You don’t have to be raising a Robert Frost or Emily Dickinson to feel the joy of poetry in your home. And not only is poetry fun for kids to hear you read (and for them to read to themselves), poetry is an excellent way to [...]

Daughters and Dads

Nurturing Healthy Relationships Between Dads and their Little Girls Your daughter’s dad is her GPS – Gender Positioning System – at least according to Peggy Drexler, Professor of Psychology at Weill Cornell Medical College and author of Our Fathers, Ourselves: Daughters, Fathers and the Changing American Family. According to Drexler, girls grow up to be [...]

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