Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Recess Makes for Better Grades

The Many Benefits of Physical Activity During the School Day If you ask my nephew about his favorite times of the school day – he doesn’t hesitate to answer recess, gym, and lunch. And he is not alone in this category of kids who just can’t wait to get away from their desks and face [...]

Does My Child Have ADD or ADHD?

The Challenging Questions and Answers Facing Parents Does my child have ADD, ADHD, or another attention stealing disorder like Central Auditory Processing (CAP) Disorder? If you have ever asked yourself this question – you are not alone. Everywhere we turn in the news and in our education systems we hear that ADHD is on the rise. [...]

Printables to Encourage Reluctant Readers

Setting Reading Goals and Reaching for the Stars Are you a bookworm but you are raising a book-balker? A child who balks at most of the books you suggest from the shelves and who would rather shovel the snow and clean the toilets before willingly grabbing a book to devour? Many educators and parents are [...]

What is Your New Year’s Resolution, Mom?

Out of the Mouths of Babes What is your New Year’s Resolution, Mom? This is the question my 9-year-old posed to me yesterday – which made me pause to even wonder why a 9-year-old would contemplate this goal-setting tradition. So I did what any parent who isn’t prepared with an answer might do – I [...]

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