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8 Fun Halloween Recipes

Creepy, Gross, and Slimy Treats to Please the Kids

Olive eyeballs on meatballs and red goo blood frosting that oozed from the cupcakes. Pretty gross – but what else would you expect at a kids’ Halloween party? I have one very excited boy when it comes to holidays, and even though the edible eyeballs are almost too much for him, he can’t help but stare right back in excited glee. This year he is already planning the green slime we will eat and has the spooky caution tape all ready to hang on the front door. If you and your kids are planning a spooky night with friends, try some of these easy Halloween recipe ideas that have left my kids and their friends with chills on the spines, but smiles on their faces (and full bellies).

Easy Recipes for the Halloween Party

Do it with Green Goo – Everything is a little bit better with green goo!

  • Make green Jell-O and add gummy worms after it has partially set.
  • Serve homemade mac-n-cheese for the younger crowd, but add green food coloring to the cheese sauce. You can even substitute noodle shapes and serve Gangrenous Intestines (spaghetti noodles) or Moldy Brains (rotini noodles).
  • Make deviled eggs and add green food coloring to the egg yolk mixture.
  • Pistachio salad can become Slime Surprise Salad, and vanilla pudding colored with green food coloring magically changes to Pond Scum.

Easy Eyeballs – Green olives make the perfect eyeballs with those red pits among the creepy green olive skin. We had them baked into the top of mini meatballs, and they can also be added onto crackers that have cheese spread, or spread along the top of a pile of angel hair pasta noodles that have been drizzled with browned butter and garlic.

Black Web Icing – Grab a few tubes of the black frosting gel, or take a container of premade vanilla or cream cheese frosting and add black food coloring, then use a frosting tube applicator (these frostings taste much better than the gel if you are going to use a lot). Apply frosting spider webs to make easy and festive treats on a variety of foods:

  • Cupcakes
  • Small sugar cookies
  • Slices of fruit such as kiwi, apples, or melon
  • Graham crackers
  • The entire pan of Rice Krispy Bars
  • You can even add the spider web frosting to serving plates – covering the entire surface with one web, then place chunks of fruit on top in small sections.
  • Or, cover a small plate in a thin layer of white fruit dip and draw the web on top of that. Guests can then use this as their festive fruit dip.

Swamp Juice – My dear friend brought the ingredients to make this last year for our kids and it was an absolute hit! It looks so authentically creepy, that it is almost more fun to stare at the glass than actually taste it!

Reese’s Pieces Perfection – Sprinkle these colorful candies on cookies and cupcakes, or mix them in with mini pretzels and raisins for a Haunted Trail Mix.

Candy Corn Candy Bar – Mix equal parts of salted peanuts (not in the shell) with candy corn and serve in a snack dish with a small spoon. The combination tastes just like a Salted Nut Roll candy bar!

Eyeball Cupcakes – Bake 24 white cupcakes according to any easy recipe – box or from scratch. After the cupcakes have cooled, take a frosting applicator to inject the cupcakes (from the top) with vanilla frosting that has been colored red with food coloring. Don’t overfill the inside, or the red will leak through the white cake (you can use Halloween cupcake liners if you like). Cover the hole in the top of the cupcake with a gumdrop, and then drag small, red frosting squiggle lines across the top to look like bloodshot eyes. The eyes on top of the cupcakes make a great effect, but when the kids bite in they squeal even more!

Pretzel Bones – Dip pretzel rods in white, melted almond bark to coat and let dry on a sheet of waxed paper, and then serve these as Leftover Bones.

For the final touches, take a child’s black chalkboard and write the menu or type on up and print it to hang on the kitchen wall. The creepy, gross, and hair-raising names you give your creations helps to add to the fun mood. Dollar stores usually have lots of fun cups, plates, and serving dishes that you can use to serve your ghoulish menu.

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