Sunday, October 21, 2018

All About Hammocks

The hammock is an invention that dates back to 450BC. Hammocks found in Australia can be made out of different materials. They are used for either sitting on or lying down by one or more persons. It has a main panel of fabric which is then suspended via two posts (usually trees) by thin and sometimes multiple ropes. Sometimes, the entire hammock is made of entwined ropes. The design of hammocks found in Australia means that they are ideal for sleeping in tropical areas where sleeping on the ground is not a good idea. Alternatively, if the ground is cold or wet, then using hammocks is ideal due to the person being suspended in the air. The hammock can be used for different things these days, and are quite often used by backpackers traveling Australia. Some designs include mosquito nettings with pockets in the side for storing items. The design of different hammocks are quite varied and range from lightweight hammocks that are easy to take along on an day picnic or a day out to independent-standing hammocks that come with their own frame structure for the garden or outdoor areas. Most good camping shops or garden centres will stock hammocks or alternatively there are a variety of online stores to order via the internet. The price of a hammock greatly depends upon which country it is bought in.

In certain parts of South America, hammocks played a huge part in general family life. In the jungles of Venezuela where it is also the home of poisonous snakes and spiders, entire families were raised in Hammocks. Many visitors that came to these regions then adopted the same stance using hammocks. The original design was then copied and developed further for use in other extreme jungle environments.

Who exactly invented the hammock is still unknown. It is thought to have Spanish and Mexican roots and the word Hammock derives from the Spanish words Hamaca or hamac dating back to 1700, which was taken from the Taino culture Arawakan word (Hati) which means fish net. It is said that the first person to introduce the concept of a hammock overseas was Christopher Columbus. He bought to back to Spain in Europe from the islands which are now known as The Bahamas. The reason why hammocks became and are so popular is due to their innate ability to protect the occupier from insects and animal bites which can spread infection and diseases. The whole clever design of suspending the bed over the ground means that occupier can be kept cool due to the air flowing over and beneath them, and it also enables the body to cool itself thoroughly. Of course, the wet jungle floor is not an ideal place for any human being to sleep or rest as harmful creatures, even insects like biting ants, can cause many problems and illnesses or even, in some cases, death.

So where is the ideal place to set up your hammock in your own home? It depends on the personal decision of the owner so here are some ideas. Many people prefer an outdoor set up but it is not necessarily just for outdoors. Having a relaxing comfortable hammock indoors is now becoming popular and trendy. Hammocks are great for relaxing with a book or looking out of the window. However, the most common use for a Hammock is outdoors in either the garden or around an outdoor pool or on a front porch area. There is nothing quite like relaxing on a sunny day outside in a comfortable hammock. The one thing is for certain, these designs have been used for centuries by different cultures and will continue to do so for many years. They have so many functions and can be used for sleeping, sitting, playing, swinging and holding children or young babies. Whatever you want, the hammock would make a fashionable, comfortable addition to any home or garden.

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