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Avoid the Mother’s Day Guilt Trip

Stay off the Guilt Path as You Celebrate Mother’s Day

When I was shopping today I heard a husband ask his wife what she wanted for Mother’s Day. Her response was bluntly honest: “I don’t want to feel guilty that day. I want to shop, even if it is for nothing. I want to do whatever I want to do and not feel guilty about it.” Her husband sputtered and spewed and defended himself, saying that he doesn’t tell her what she can and can’t do, and she can always do whatever it is she wants to do.

But moms know the real story. We can shop on a Sunday afternoon – often once the kids have been fed lunch, the dishes have been washed, and we have arranged for everyone else in the family to be doing something during that time slot – or bring them along which will inevitably lead to a much different trip. We don’t just get to walk out the door, no strings attached, and not feel like we should really be somewhere else, doing something more. We feel guilty about doing something for ourselves. What we really want is the freedom to do anything or nothing – and not feel like we just wasted a day or an opportunity to do something else for our family. This Mother’s Day – rise above and treat yourself to a few indulgences – but ones that don’t tack on the guilt.

3 Ideas for Unique Mother’s Day Celebrations
(You Won’t Feel Guilty About!)

Make Breakfast with a Twist

My own mother still recalls the infamous breakfast in bed I tried to serve her one day early in my youth. I brought up a tray with a glass of water and two root-beer barrels – those small hard candies. (I didn’t know how to make coffee, and the root-beer barrels were the only “food” source I could reach that didn’t involve cooking). Breakfast in bed is a traditional way to celebrate Mother’s Day, but you can do it with a twist. Instead of waiting for some root-beer barrels and water, try to start the day out right with these options.

  • Invite the entire family to feast on your bed – you just might want to consider throwing a spare sheet over everything to save on clean-up!
  • Instead of saving family movie night for a weekend evening, have family movie morning. Everyone gets to stay in their pajamas and eat fruit and doughnuts for the movie munchies.
  • Order in for breakfast. It saves the hassle of breakfast crowds and you can still all stay in your pajamas – and not worry about getting stuck with the clean-up.

Have a Generation Celebration

If you are fortunate enough to have your mother in your life, consider a multi-generational celebration. I consider myself to be triple-blessed, with my mother, 92-year-old grandmother, and teenage daughter all in my life. One year my mother and grandmother and I all went to get our ears pierced together. Sometimes we will eat out together. Celebrating several generations worth of mothering is an inspiring way to spend the day.

  • Have your multi-generational picture taken together at a park or location that has sentimental meaning for you all.
  • Have a generation potluck, where you each choose one or two favorite foods to share. You might be surprised at the similarities.
  • Record history by sharing family stories and either videotaping them or writing them down.

Celebrate With A Family Photograph

Go for a photo shoot together as a family. If you can make a day trip to a fun and favorite outdoor location, pack a picnic and make a day of it. Simple memories like these help build strong families, and the pictures will be your special memory of that day.

  • Bring several cameras, preferably ones the kids can use, too.
  • Use auto-timers for family photographs.
  • Bring some silly props along, such as giant sunglasses, floppy hats, or even snorkels.
  • Bring along a video camera and everyone can record a Mother’s Day message about a fun memory with Mom.

Simple Mother’s Day Ideas

If you’re like me and want to spend Mother’s Day hanging out with the kids, here are few fun activities you can do together.

  • Help each other make playlists of songs – my kids actually find my music kind of fun – and it always leads to some great dancing!
  • Work on a scrapbook together. The kids can help sort family photos and you can retell the stories behind those great moments.
  • Make stepping stones for your garden or as gifts.
  • Cook together.
  • Take a spa day together – go with your daughters to get your nails done.
  • Go to the batting cages or mini-golfing – or look for other fun and easy options to get moving with the kids.
  • Make yourself a door knocker that says “Mom Has Me-Time” and hang it on the door of whatever room you claim for 30 minutes. Take a bath, read a book, or just stare at the mismatched socks.
  • Tell your kids why you love them. You might think that Mother’s Day should mean that they would bestow those words on you, but telling your kids about all of the little reasons you love them also reminds you why it is so amazing to be the one who gets to celebrate Mother’s Day.

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