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Baby Safety Precautions Outdoor Games

The safety of playground equipment and adult supervision, although very important, but this is just the only completed half of Security: the baby have to know how to ensure their own safety and in accordance with these safety rules to activities. Here are some general principles, the parents of the baby according to the activities of the playground equipment safety education:

Let your baby know how to playground safety rules

• When the baby in the jungle gym, slides, seesaws, swings and other sports facilities on the playing time, can not push other people can not slapstick.

• normal operating procedures in accordance with activities, such as slippery slide, the foot towards the decline, do not turn to slide from the outside of the railing, do not stand to swing on swings and so on.

• If your baby jumping from one device to play, be sure to let the baby see the following items no other baby or get in the middle of the road. When the baby jump when your feet, the knees should be slightly bent.

• Let your baby will be bicycle, backpack and other items away from the device around to avoid the baby to play when they were tripping over these items.

• Playground equipment if it is wet, to tell the baby will not play because of wet surfaces make these devices very slippery.

• baby play in the venue, do not wear a belt with a cord or tether clothes. String, Beibao Dai, necklaces may be hung on the device accidentally, causing dangerous.

Details of all the safety equipment

Because swings, slides and jungle gym each are so unique, so they have their own set of rules for safe operation. Meanwhile, recreational venues, there are some of the equipment itself is unsafe, no matter how careful parents and babies, are prone to accidents.

We are reproduced here below:

1. Swing safety

Who is the baby swing in the playground activities to equipment, the most vulnerable of a device. But some simple precautions can make your baby to enjoy the breeze in the spring of happiness ripple swing:

• swing should be the relatively soft material, such as rubber or plastic, instead of wood and metal.

• Your baby should sit on the swing in the swing, rather than standing or kneeling. Swing, let your baby hands tightly holding the rope swing, swing after, to wait for a complete stop and then swing down.

• baby sideways and swing their baby should keep a safe distance, careful not to swing around in the waves are running or walking.

• one can only sit on a baby swing, swing the usual design consideration is the use of a baby.

2. Seesaw Safety

Use of the seesaw required cooperation between the two babies, so this device is usually for children under 5 years of age is inappropriate. Unless, some see-saw with the following spring design, avoid the see-saw of a sudden touch the ground. However, when playing seesaw still need additional care. The following safety tips, you can let your baby in mind:

• Saw one sitting only a baby. If your baby and your partner seems too light in comparison to need to replace the partner, rather than an increase in the light of a baby.

• babies should sit face to face on a seesaw, not upside down, sat back to back.

• Let your baby hold the handle tightly with both hands, both hands do not try to touch the ground or shorting. Feet on both sides of the natural, rather than curled up on a seesaw at the bottom.

• When the seesaw was in use, the other baby to keep their distance. Not to tilt your body out into the board below, or standing in the middle of the beam seesaw, and even tried to climb up and down the activities are on a seesaw.

3. Slide safety

If the baby were careful to use this equipment, the slide should be quite safe. Here are some related security elements:

• babies play slide, it should step up the steps, and hand railings, slide the top of this climb. Should not climb down from the slide.

• Tell your baby should always be towards the foot down, and upper body remain upright, and never let your baby head-down, or sideways slide down to the stomach.

• the decline in the slide section, one should be only one baby, do not let your baby is sliding down a group of a group to avoid Jishang.

• Let your baby before the slide down, slide the bottom of the first to see whether it is empty, there is no other baby sitting there? When your baby from sliding down the slide, too, shall immediately got up and left slide, the back of the baby Teng the vacancy.

4. Jungle gym safety

Children's playground jungle gym on a variety of shapes and sizes - including rock climbing, jungle gym bow, vertical and horizontal climbing pole and so on. These devices than other devices on the baby's challenge is greater and therefore, understand how to let your baby safe from the climb down the shelves, or difficult for him to complete the climb. Jungle gym is also a high incidence of public playground injuries, so playing time, must pay attention to proper procedure:

For young babies, because of its relatively weak arm muscles, it just started, you need some adult assistance, the jungle gym is not too high to climb.

Jungle gym to play safely, the baby must first learn to use both hands to climb the shelves of the bar, and according to the order, waiting to move forward in front of the baby first, then followed their move forward, be careful while moving in front of baby may swing back legs. When the baby jumps from the shelves to climb down, pay attention not to touch the foot of the other bar. Jumped to remind the baby when the knees to bend, your feet touch the ground.

• Too many babies at the same time with a jungle gym climbing is dangerous. Each baby should start from the jungle gym on the same side, according to the same direction to move forward.

• When babies come from, when climbing down the shelves to avoid the attention of those who are climbing the baby, do not compete with each other, or trying to reach out enough distance in front of the bar.

• 5 years of age the baby is still relatively weak upper body strength, it should be only those relatively little jungle gym climbing. 5 to 7-year-old baby only been climbing for less than 1.6 meters in height jungle gym, 7-year-old baby can climb above the height of 2.3 meters below the jungle gym.

Unsafe playground equipment

The following types of equipment are unsafe play equipment, baby unfit to play.

• animal shaped swing.

• can take two people glide swing.

• excessive wear, broken, to form a ring rope swing sets.

• gymnastic rings and boom.

• trampoline.

Play is the child psychological, social, intellectual, emotional development, an important part. If the parents have these safety tips in mind, then the babies play and have a reliable security guarantee.

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