Saturday, October 20, 2018

Fisher-Price Power Plus Swing – Best Electric Baby Swing

Fisher-Price Power Plus Swing is an electric baby swing which eliminates constant battery changes. If you are all out for going green, this electric baby swing helps you minimize battery purchases and usages.

Fisher-Price Power Plus Swing

All you need to do is plug it is to plus it into an outlet and turn it on! Less hassle and less sweat!

What I like best about Fisher-Price Power Plus Swing

  • Continuous Swinging Motion
    Since you can plug it into an outlet, the swinging motion will be uninterrupted. No longer do you need to push it on your own or rewind it to ensure the swinging continues.
    Note: If there is a power failure, fear not! It has the option of running on batteries too!
  • Soothing
    With 6 swing speed, 10 soothing songs and a 3 position recline, feel free to fiddle around until you find the one your baby likes best!
  • Maximum comfort
    Look out for the power plus for a quick release which allows maximum comfort and the mobile which sways together with the swing.
  • Easy access to baby
    When you want to take your baby, turn and sway away the overhead mobile with three plush toys.
  • Convenient storage
    Store away in the mesh pockets which are built into the side panels.
  • Caution

  • Slightly loud music
    One mother said that the music is still loud on the lowest setting but dismissed it as a minor problem. You can always use an alternative option like playing music from your own CD player!
  • Further Information:

    Touted as one of the first baby swing to offer a battery and plug-in option, Fisher-Price Power Plus Swing is available in Toys R Us or right here at your convenience.

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