Saturday, September 22, 2018

Graco SnugGlider

If your baby cries when you pick him/her up after a car ride has stopped, or when you are tired from snuggling your baby yourself, then Graco SnugGlider Swingsolves the problem, and solves it exceedingly well. Designed exclusively for Graco SnugRide and Infant SafeSeat, this swing frame allows parents to carry the car seat, attach it to the frame and swing the baby! Priced at $53.54 at Amazon, this swing frame is a reason why a complete swing is unnecessary.

Graco SnugGlider Swing

Graco SnugGlider Swing

To convert the car seat into a swing, simply attach it to the frame and push a button. This convenience allows the baby to continue napping, all the more important if the child has been sleeping soundly through a car ride. Although a toy bar is unavailable overhead to entertain the infant, the open-top feature of this Graco SnugGlider Swing makes getting the car seat in and out easy and without hindrance.

As it starts to swing, there are variable swinging speeds to suit the baby’s needs. Powered by 4 “C” batteries (not included) – though an A/C adapter is not built-in to save battery power, it is durable enough to long for 2 months, depending on usage rate – 2-speed soothing vibrations provide the effects of a car ride.

Keeping the baby lulled and soothed are 5 classical songs and nature sounds. This music availability, which requires 3 “AA” batteries (not included), enables the child to have continuous, enjoying times as he/she wanders in dreamland. Not only does it create a calming sensation, music also enhances auditory skills, exposing the baby to various types of classical music at an early age.

Weighing only 8 pounds, this swing frame is made of metal and plastic which can be hassle-freely cleaned by applying household soap and warm water. Since it is lightweight, the frame can be brought from one place to another to accommodate parents’ needs. Even mothers who have just given birth can lift it effortlessly. With its portability of being compactly folded, and together with all mentioned features, Graco SnugGlider Swing is a suitable replacement, and an inexpensive one, for full-sized swings.

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