Saturday, October 20, 2018

How to Buy a Baby Swing

Whether you’re looking for a baby swing to soothe your baby or let your baby catch forty winks, here are a few top tips before you head out!

1) Safety and Stability

Check for a wide base and for a seat that is close to the ground. This will ensure a low center of gravity so that your baby won’t topple over. Check for a sturdy seat belt, e.g. a 5-point seat harness whether they are shoulder or crotch straps. It is vital for newborns and hyperactive babies.

2) Battery-powered or wind-up

Battery powered swings let you rest your hands since you do not need to keep re-winding. However, the convenience may be offset by the added cost over time.

Wind-up swings may be noisy during winding which means your babies’ nap will be disrupted in between.

3) Position

For a newborn, choose a swing which has a recline position. This is important for infants who cannot hold their head up. It allows the baby to breathe properly and have a proper development. For older babies, the recline position allows them to sleep faster and soundly.

When looking at the mechanism, check whether you can easily recline and change the seat position.

4) Different speed settings

Colicky babies prefer more forceful rocking while others prefer slow rocking. Since you usually would not know, choose a swing that has a number of different speeds and rocking pattern.

5) Different entertainment

Some babies prefer no music at all while others prefer some. Even then, they would have their different inklings to the type of music that they want. A tip for mothers: check if you can bear listening to the music over and over again!

6) Flip-out/ Fold-up tray

This is useful if you want to gently remove your sleeping baby without trouble. That way, you won’t scrape your baby’s legs while getting them in or out of the swing.

7) Open Top and Smooth Edges

This means if you want to lift your baby out, there won’t be a chance of your baby hitting his/ her head on the swing’s upper bar. Nevertheless, if you are getting a portable baby swing, a handle is always preferable for easy method of transport.

Similarly, you wouldn’t want a swing which has sharp edges or hinges. Whether you are taking your baby out of the swing or leaving them inside for a while, there is always a risk that they might be in contact of these minor but hazardous features!

8) Easy to Clean

Just like all things, a baby swing has to be cleaned as well. Even if your baby hasn’t oozed milk unto the swing, it’s always best to keep it clean to prevent your baby from getting sick. So, where possible, do get a baby swing which has removable covers. Then all you have to do is to put them in the laundry, dry them, and back it goes into the swing!

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