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Outdoor Baby Swings: ‘Must Haves’ and ‘Nice-to-Haves’

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Outdoor Baby  swings come in many different shapes and sizes. They differ in features, aesthetics, design and capacity. Because of technology, baby furniture like these just gets better and better which more often than not confuses would-be buyers all the more.

But as for any type of furniture or equipment, there are some things that any infant swing mustn't miss out on having. These are basic features that one must look out for before buying. one. However, there are also some features that can be considered just nice to have and a buyer would be willing to pay extra for the said add-ons.

A lot of Baby swings  are designed to slowly rock the baby in a motion that will help soothe her. Therefore, swinging motion is of course a must for any infant swing. It should have a control or regulator to allow you to swing baby into a proper soothing motion. One can choose from either the manual wind-up type or the battery-operated type. The wind-up type will of course require more effort on the part of the care-giver. The battery-operated model, which is a lot pricier than the latter may be considered a better model because it allows for continuous swinging for baby's uninterrupted sleep.

Another must for an infant swing is its safety feature. It must come with a strap and a 5-point harness so that baby will be safe when you leave her unattended for a while. The strap should also be sturdy but the harness should not be hard to remove to avoid mishaps if you need to immediately get baby out of the unit.

It would be nice to have some entertainment for baby while she rides in it but this is not a necessity. Some come with mobiles and winding sounds and some even have removable toy trays.

Some types even have canopies attached to them which can be used for outdoor walks to keep baby from the sun or drizzles.

As not all infant swings are the same, some of these features may or may not be that useful for you so it would be wise to look into them before you buy a unit. Knowing what's needed and what is just an add-on can spell out the difference and may save you a couple of bucks.

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