Thursday, November 15, 2018

Playground Equipment at St. Agnes Day Care Preschool Area, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

See more Playground Designs: When designing St. Agnes day care, planners knew they needed to include a playground for the preschoolers. After looking at several playground companies, they called BCI Burke in the spring of 2007 to see if the playground manufacturer could help. They decided on Burke's Little Buddies® series, which offers a variety of activities for kids ages 2 to 5. When the facility opened in June 2007, the playground site included a toddler area, a Trike Track and a Pre-K/Kindergarten area. Between the toddler area and the kindergarten area sits the Trike Track. Along the curvy sidewalk, pre-schoolers stop by the Cozy Corner Fruit Stand, Cozy Corner Ice Cream Parlor or the Cozy Corner Cottage before heading back out on the track. If kids aren't up to playing on the track, they can climb and slide in the Lunar Landing Tower or rock on one of the many Fun Rides. The playground also provides a Theater Paint Center, Under Sea Paint Center and Theater Puppet Show.

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