Monday, October 22, 2018

Playground Equipment – Intensity and Voltage, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

See more Playground Designs: For the ultimate in variety, flexibility and size, it's hard to beat a playground combining Intensity and our Voltage system. This playground features a wide variety of events designed to develop strength and agility. The rope-climbing events such as Nimble Net and Limber Ladder were especially popular with a class of fourth graders who visited the playground recently, according to Mrs. Chris Wuest, who teaches at Faces Elementary School in Fond du Lac. "Our children loved the spinning and climbing events. There was also a rope between the two play sets that tested their balance and coordination. They enjoyed competing to see who could go the farthest," said Mrs. Wuest. Each system provides a great deal of flexibility in its own right. Intensity playgrounds come in a number of configurations to suit specific needs, preferences, budgets and spaces. And our Voltage Play System is designed to combine any of scores of events, including slides, tubes, climbers, bridges, rails, platforms, ramps, play panels and much more. Together, Intensity and Voltage provide a range of combinations limited only by the imagination. And of course, your Burke representative can help you create a playground ideally suited to your needs by using our proprietary EZ Design software.

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