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Raising Writers and Readers

Can Begin with Poetry

Free Lesson Plan and Tips

You don’t have to be raising a Robert Frost or Emily Dickinson to feel the joy of poetry in your home. And not only is poetry fun for kids to hear you read (and for them to read to themselves), poetry is an excellent way to encourage reluctant writers to explore their creativity. Poetry can be less intimidating to write because you aren’t required to write tedious things like introductory paragraphs and closing sentences. When you introduce your kids to some of the basics in poetry, it can help give them the structure they need so they don’t feel like they have to rhyme all the time.

Use this free, printable lesson plan for introducing your kids to poetry. It covers:

  • Vocabulary related to poetry
  •  Acrostic poems
  • Cinquains
  • Haikus
  • And includes printable forms for your kids to use to write their own poems

Why is Poetry Important?

Poetry is a time tested branch of writing and literature that still attracts readers. A study of poetry in the United Kingdom revealed that children appear to be drawn to poetry because of:

  • Rhythm and rhyming (62%)
  • Humor (36%)
  • Repetition of sounds helps improve kids memories (34%)

Poetry is also attributed to sparking the imagination of kids, bringing families together and creating new memories, expanding vocabulary, and providing an outlet for stress.

Poetry Foundation – This wonderful organization promotes poetry for the young and old (and everyone in between), and their website includes a wonderful section for children. Check out some of their videos that explore the imagery of poems – ones that kids will want to watch again and again.

Poetry4Kids – This is a wonderful resource for parents and teachers, offering descriptions of poems, games, contests, and opportunities for kids to publish their poems online.

Mr. R’s World of Math & Science – You might not think that science and math have much to do with poems, but this is a great resource site for poems that aid in kids’ memories related to science and mathematics. It might also inspire your budding scientists to develop their own poems that will improve their studying habits. Science Poems

Great Poems for Kids

I’m a firm believer in reading classic poetry to kids – like Frost and Dickinson – but I also incorporate lots of modern poets that help grab the kids’ attention and set their imaginations in motion.

  • Shel Silverstein
  • Song lyrics
  • Eric Carle
  • Dr. Seuss (my dad even used The Cat in the Hat as an example in the junior high English class he taught)
  • Jack Prelutsky
  • Lilian Moore
  • Billy Collins
  • So many more – go to your library and find the fun!

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