Monday, October 22, 2018

American’s Favorite Leisure Activities

Here’s the favorite leisure activities of American Millennials and Gen-Xs. If we exclude reading, although today much of it takes place on a tablet screen, four of the most popular five leisure activities for both Millennials and Gen X take place on a screen. Continue reading → View full post on White Hutchinson

Printable Christmas Activities

Help Focus on Giving This Season We love reading the tale of the Grinch each year, and how his heart magically transforms from greedy to full of gratitude. But real life isn’t as easy as standing at the tip of Mount Crumpit and hearing the Whos voices to bring about a change of heart. Every [...]

Activities that Bring Gratitude to the Table

Printable Activities to Put the “Thanks” in Thanksgiving Great food, amazing family, and fun & games – three keys to a Happy Thanksgiving for our family. Each year I anticipate Thanksgiving through the eyes of my children, and try to draw them in to the spirit of the holiday with an attitude of gratitude and [...]

7 Fun Fall Family Activities

Say that 7 times fast, or just get busy on one of the projects below! Fall is a busy time of year with back to school schedules, Friday night football games, and evenings that offer less sunlight. However, families can take advantage of these changes in the season with a few easy, inexpensive fall activities. [...]

Fun Backyard Activities with the Kids

The weather is amazing, the yard work is calling, and you just want to get outside and mow the grass, trim the trees, or just enjoy your patio as you grill dinner. The hard part might be getting your kids excited about spending time in the yard with you – it’s not like it’s the [...]

10 Rainy Day Activities for Kids

That Will Get Them Away from the Video Games! Spring has sprung and that means the inevitable rainy days where the kids might be moping around and yawning I’m bored. Cure that boredom, without resorting to letting them sit and play video games all day, with these 10 rainy day activities that will get their [...]

15 Fun and Easy Earth Day Activities for Kids

Throw a party for Earth with your kids on April 22nd – Earth Day – with these 15 easy ideas for celebrating the natural environment of the world. This day of recognition began in 1970 with the first Earth Day celebration, a time that marked a slow evolution in learning more about the environment and [...]

5 Favorite Easter Egg Activities for Kids

Egg-stra special Easter activities for kids! OK – sorry – I know that was corny but I couldn’t resist. My children love Easter. For them it holds religious significance, is a time that represents spring, new beginnings, dinner at Grandma’s, time with family, and the biggest and wildest Easter egg hunt in the Midwest. We [...]

17 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids

Celebrate Spring with St. Patrick’s Day Stories, Games, and Crafts St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays – it represents my Irish heritage, but it is also a wonderful time as a mom to have some good old fashioned fun with my children. Each year we like to get creative, get green, and [...]

Healthy Activities For The Whole Family

Healthy Activities For The Whole Family One of the best things you can do to ensure that your child develops a lifelong love of exercise and physical activity is to do some fitness activities together. If your child sees you participating in sports or working out, they will understand that these are important “things” to [...]

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