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Don’t Wake the Baby! Why You Should Be Letting Your Kids Sleep Longer

Sleep Turbo-Charges the Brain As the mother of four children I have lived through sleepless nights, toddlers who no longer nap – those precious moments when I could use the bathroom and open the mail without a “helper”, and now – teenagers whose circadian rhythms tell them to live like vampires. Sleep – the constant [...]

When Baby Wearing Doesn’t Work

Whether you’re on a dedicated attachment parenting plan, you have fears about morphing into Velcro with your baby, or are somewhere in between, there are great ways to build and maintain nurturing relationships with your baby through traditional attachment parenting methods. However, what happens when your baby doesn’t seem to prefer those methods like all [...]

Top Tips for Throwing a Baby Shower

Easy Ideas for Planning a Baby Shower There is almost nothing as exciting as the birth of a new baby. If you’re planning a baby shower for a dear friend or family member, you might be feeling the stress of the planning, but don’t forget to relish in the joy you get to share. Whether [...]

Working After Baby Arrives

Do You Want or Need to Go Back to Work After Baby? I wanted nothing more than to be present for every moment of my newborn’s life, but our wants sometime compete with our needs more than we would like them to do. I wanted to finish my college degree, so I needed to work [...]

Too Much Baby Proofing

Are You Surrounding Your Child with Too Much Care? You’ve been anticipating the arrival of your precious child and need to make sure your home is a safe and secure place for her to grow and thrive. But can there be too much baby proofing – too much of a good thing? Yes – when [...]

Is Your Baby a Talker?

Measuring Speech and Language Development Is my child on track with speech and language? This was the question I asked as one of my children grew to be a toddler. Something seemed to be blocking his language development, and it was evident in his speech. Speech and language development in children are two separate issues, [...]

Fisher-Price Cradle Swing – Best Baby Cradle Swing

Fisher-Price Cradle Swing is rated top-notch among all other swings in the market. Main reason is the nature of the seat design and sound quality. Fisher-Price Cradle Swing What I like best about Fisher-Price Cradle Swing Extremely Quiet The motor is very silent that your baby will not realize it is there at all. Good [...]

Graco Lovin’ Hug Infant Swing – Cheap Baby Swing

Graco Lovin’ Hug Infant Swing is just like any normal swing that rocks back and forth. Although it cannot rock in other directions, some parents favour this because it is not as pricey as the quality Fisher-Price swings. Graco Lovin' Hug Infant Swing Nevertheless, for its price, you’ll be surprised that you can find some [...]

How to Buy a Baby Swing

Whether you’re looking for a baby swing to soothe your baby or let your baby catch forty winks, here are a few top tips before you head out! 1) Safety and Stability Check for a wide base and for a seat that is close to the ground. This will ensure a low center of gravity [...]

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