Thursday, November 15, 2018

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First mover doesn’t succeed unless its also best mover

The conventional wisdom is that first to market can establish a stronghold in the market, a first mover advantage, making it difficult for later entrants to capture market share. However, a first mover advantage is never a sure thing. Being a first mover at the expense of being the best mover will often lead to [...]

7 Best Toys for Toddlers & Preschoolers

That Don’t Have to Cost a Fortune Have you ever walked down the toy aisle and felt swallowed by the colors, brands, and gadgets? After parenting for more than 20 cumulative toddler and preschool years (gulp) and now shopping for toys for nieces and nephews, there are 7 types of toys I reach for when [...]

Fisher-Price Cradle Swing – Best Baby Cradle Swing

Fisher-Price Cradle Swing is rated top-notch among all other swings in the market. Main reason is the nature of the seat design and sound quality. Fisher-Price Cradle Swing What I like best about Fisher-Price Cradle Swing Extremely Quiet The motor is very silent that your baby will not realize it is there at all. Good [...]

Being Knowledgeable Of The Best Way To Treat Colic

If your baby is onto a different level of crying or showing signs of chronic irritability, then the infant might probably be suffering from a severe abdominal pain caused by spasm, obstruction, or distention of any of the hollow viscera such as the intestines called “colic.” Known to occur at the early stages of infancy, [...]

4Moms Mamaroo Infant Seat – Best Infant Swing

Parents normally scoop their infants up in their arms and bounce and sway. This is what 4Moms Mamaroo Infant Seat does! It mimics the five unique motions of parents and if this is what you want your infant to experience, this is your model. Probably one of the most excellent infant swing due to the [...]

Bright Starts Comfort & Harmony Portable Swing – Best Portable Baby Swing

Although there is no travel swing which will be as powerful as a full-size swing, you should be able to fold this swing easily for storage and travel convenience. With plush, oversized seat, cushioned foot pillow and soft fabrics, Bright Starts Comfort & Harmony Portable Swing is one the most comfy swings I’ve seen! Bright [...]

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Deep Blue Sea Space Saver Swing & Seat – Best Baby Travel Swing

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Deep Blue Sea Space Saver Swing & Seat stands out among most portable swings as it combines a swing and seat in one model. Notably, it’s best for the level of easiness when you travel. Fisher-Price Space Saver Swing and Seat What I like best about Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Deep Blue Sea [...]

Fisher-Price Power Plus Swing – Best Electric Baby Swing

Fisher-Price Power Plus Swing is an electric baby swing which eliminates constant battery changes. If you are all out for going green, this electric baby swing helps you minimize battery purchases and usages. Fisher-Price Power Plus Swing All you need to do is plug it is to plus it into an outlet and turn it [...]