Monday, October 22, 2018

Are Boys Naturally Competitive?

The Roles of Nature and Nurture in Competition If my own microcosm experience of raising 3 sons and a daughter isn’t enough indication for me, recent research shows that there is a distinct gender gap between the competitiveness boys and girls demonstrate as early as three years of age. In Gender Differences in Competition Emerge Early [...]

Effective Teaching Methods for Boys and Girls

Boys and girls are different – let’s get over it and help them find ways to learn to the best of their genetic and environmental differences. Yesterday I wrote a bit about the intriguing book, Boys and Girls Learn Differently, by Michael Gurian, and highlighted some of these typical gender differences. While not all boys [...]

Who Are Smarter – Boys or Girls?

In reality, that is an unfair question. Boys and girls can’t really be compared as being smarter than the other gender, simply because they are different. Science has proven repeatedly that girls and boys demonstrate different propensities for aptitudes, learning styles, and emotional skills. Through the evolution of humans (and in my personal belief – [...]

Should Girls Play Like Boys?

Gender Specific Toys and Their Effects on Kids A debate was reignited by LEGO a few months ago when they put out a new line of toys marketed for girls – pastels bricks, curvy LEGO people, and beauty salons. From those petitioning to end this type of negatively perceived stereotyping through toys, including parents who [...]