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Families with children work arrangements – Leisure e-Newsletter

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Are families with children getting wealthier? – Leisure e-Newsletter

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Parents Are Helping Their Children Fail

“…you’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem.” Eldridge Cleaver spoke these words in 1968, and while he wasn’t precisely referring to parents, his words are still true. If we are not doing more for our children, if we are just waiting for the schools to churn out successful children, we [...]

Extraordinary Children from Ordinary Parents

Raising Resilient Children By Focusing on Basic Needs Kids are resilient – we hear it all the time and I know I’ve even said it after watching my children pick themselves up, from either physical or emotional pain, and dive right back in again. However, they aren’t born resilient – they are given tools. I [...]

Are Colleges Robbing Our Children?

The Business of Education and For Profit Universities When President Barack Obama was elected, he vowed to make education a top priority and claimed that in order for America to be successful every high school graduate needed to go on to achieve some type of higher learning. The case was made by FRONTLINE in an episode [...]

Advertisements Targeting Children: Are They All Bad?

I just found this video below and couldn’t help but re-post it for you to see. It’s called “Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood” and seeks to blame advertising for many of the problems that children in our society are showing today. And if you take the argument all by itself, then maybe they’re right.  [...]

Raising Children with Dignity

In an Undignified World Changing dirty diapers, wiping mashed bananas from the walls, and crawling along the cracker-dusted floor like a crocodile with your preschooler probably doesn’t seem very dignified. But consider a different idea of what it means to parent with dignity, and how that approach can positive impact your children’s lives. The dictionary [...]

Playground Equipment: Early Play Centers for 6 – 23 Month Old Children – Kiddie Korral Playing is learning! Creative and challenging play is essential to early childhood development. Burke’s new Climb ‘N’ Crawl, Step ‘N’ Scoot and Kiddy Korral encourage physical and cognitive growth while providing hours of engaging, exploratory fun for children 6 — 23 months. Hands-on play enhances dexterity while walking, running, climbing, crawling and scooting strengthen [...]

Don’t Choose a Doctor for Your Children

Teach Your Children How to Manage Their Own Medical Health Anyone who looks at my family’s medical records might think I have a fear of commitment – there are 6 of us and between us we see 4 different doctors, and we’ve “tried on” several more besides. When my children were infants and toddlers I [...]

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