Wednesday, November 14, 2018

College educated women delaying motherhood – Leisure e-Newsletter

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Playing Video Games Now a College Varsity Sport

This is just one more example of how the digital world is disrupting traditional entertainment, and now sports. Not only is pure digital displacing the physical and real world versions, but we are also seeing a convergence of digital and real world experiences creating new forms of competition. Continue reading → View full post on [...]

Help Your Kids find Careers They Love – With or Without a College Degree

What do you want to be when you grow up? Miserable? Bored? Frustrated? Tired? These likely aren’t the answers we expect to hear from our kids when people ask them the ever present question about their looming futures. People expect firefighter, teacher, astronaut, football player, or superhero. We don’t want our kids to pursue paths [...]

Finding a College Fit for Your Kids

Helping Kids Select a College that Works for Them Yesterday I sat among other parents, most of us wondering how the time moved by so quickly, listening to advice from a Dean of Admissions at a local private college. We’ve all known this time was coming for our children, when they would spread their still damp educational [...]

How Will Your Kids Pay for College?

Who paid for your student loan? Who will pay for your children’s student loans? If you agree with Anya Kamenetz, a senior writer at Fast Company magazine, the government should relieve the debt of our children and our peers who took out too many dollars in student loans through bankruptcy student loan relief programs. She [...]