Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Articles About International Entertainment Project Development

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Turbo-Charge Your Infant’s Brain Development With the Mommy Mind-Meld

The Power of Parental Example by Marcy Axness, PhD [Even though I refer to the "mommy" mind meld, these principles apply to whomever are the two or three connected, nurturing adults in an infant's life -- father, grandmother, consistent (not rotating) caregiver.] Imitation is the young child’s primary form of learning, which is why one [...]

6 Steps of Moral Development

 Teaching Kids to Make Good Decisions Decisions, decisions. As adults we can weigh the odds and use our years of experiences and (hopefully) levels of maturity to make the best decisions possible, whether it is which job to pursue or which book to read. However, our kids don’t necessarily have those years of experiences or [...]