Friday, November 16, 2018

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The Education Lessons of John Wayne

Character Education Builds Strong Students True grit. I hear that phrase and memories of watching John Wayne (AKA Rooster Cogburn) movies with my father tumble through my mind. But school officials in a few academies across the country have a renewed vision for grit – one that focuses on strong character traits as much (if not [...]

Education Beyond the Classroom

Online Schools, Blended Schools, and Homeschools – How Will I Ever Decide? It is that time of year again. The Back to School sales have started creeping in among the inflatable pools and 4th of July clearance items. You can almost hear the woosh that the final sounds of summer are making. And that makes [...]

American Schools – An Envy of Asian Education Officials?

Is America the new, world-leading model of education? If you’ve listened to all of the numbers, read the statistics, and believed the reports about American students failing in schools and standardized test scores, you would never think that the American education system is envied by anyone. I wouldn’t have thought so either, until I recently [...]

U.S. Education Threatens National Security

Failing Schools Could Pose Dangerous Threat Terrorists, dictators, and unrest in foreign countries aren’t the only dangers facing our country. One of the biggest threats to national security in the United States of America is our school system. This is the message coming from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and the Independent Task Force [...]

Old School Education

Classical Education – An Effective Method for Teaching Kids in a Modern World Are our children being educated well enough to lead the world, or barely well enough to lead their friends down the bike path? Education is a hot topic right now in politics on local and national levels. One of the interesting discussions [...]

Education Through Play With Outdoor Play Sets

Decades ago, most parents could send their children outdoors and down the street to the local playground by themselves; a lifesaver for most since they could catch a few moments alone cleaning, cooking, organizing or engaging in adult conversation with their spouse or the friendly neighbors next door. Children could be heard and seen in [...]