Monday, October 22, 2018

Families with kids eating out less – Leisure e-Newsletter

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Families with children work arrangements – Leisure e-Newsletter

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Are families with children getting wealthier? – Leisure e-Newsletter

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How interactive location-based entertainment can bond families

In a world where our children are constantly alone on their tablets, it is so important to create environments where they can have fun with each other. It [laser tag] can even bring mom and dad together with their son to. Continue reading → View full post on White Hutchinson

10 Fun Freebies for Families

The grocery bills keep rising, the costs of music lessons seem to snip holes in the pocketbook, and orthodontist bills just prepare you for college bills. Raising kids is an expensive adventure. That is why I absolutely love finding free bargains that give a little boost to our days. Some of these are things that [...]

Easy Money Saving Tips for Families

That Help Promote Financial Literacy Finances can be as stressful on families as health issues, moving to a new home, or starting a new job. Part of my job description as domestic engineer (it says so on my coffee cup) is to help my family use our money wisely, and to teach our kids how [...]

10 Summer Vacations for Families

I can almost feel the sand between my toes – summer is approaching that quickly. If you are hoping to make some summer vacation memories with your kids, but are struggling for a plan, consider these flexible and memory-making ideas. 1. Houseboats – Take a mini-cruise by renting your own houseboat for a lazy week [...]