Monday, October 22, 2018

Daily fantasy sports coming to family entertainment centers

Fantasy sports is not exactly something you would associate with a family entertainment center (FEC). That is about to change in the near future with the acquisition of Major League Fantasy (MLF) by Latitude 360 . . . Continue reading → View full post on White Hutchinson

The state of family play – Leisure e-Newsletter

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Family Entertainment Center Experience

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Get More Out of Family Meals

You’ve probably heard a zillion times that eating together as a family is good for you. Studies show doing this a few times a week help kids to do better in school, take fewer risks, and learn to communicate better? But how are you supposed to get them there when everyone’s lives are hectic, filled, [...]

New Year’s Eve – Family Style

Easy and Fun Ways to Celebrate with the Kids Champaign, horns, music, dancing – does this sound like the New Year celebrations of the years before kids? While you might not be able to throw the big bash anymore between diapers and the sheer exhaustion of parenting young children, you can still celebrate the New [...]

5 Tips for Building Family Traditions

We are in a snow globe, sitting peacefully amid the plastic, waterproof flakes, and suddenly someone gives us a shake. Then as the flakes swirl, the annoying shaker decides to unleash a full maraca-style shake action on us and we are left dizzy, unable to see clearly, and disorientated. This is how life feels in [...]

Thanksgiving Activites for The Entire Family

Easy Projects and Printables Our home is brimming with colorful fall decorations, children dragging in the last of the crunchy fall leaves on their shoes, and you can see the sparkle of excitement for Thanksgiving in their eyes. As the holiday draws closer, I keep wanting to reach out and slow down the clock so [...]

7 Fun Fall Family Activities

Say that 7 times fast, or just get busy on one of the projects below! Fall is a busy time of year with back to school schedules, Friday night football games, and evenings that offer less sunlight. However, families can take advantage of these changes in the season with a few easy, inexpensive fall activities. [...]

Games for Family Night

The Family that Plays Together, Stays Together The older the kids get, the more we have to make pointed efforts to have family night. Even on our recent wedding anniversary we celebrated by taking the time to just hang out together as a family – and that is no easy task when we have busy [...]

Easy 4th of July Family Fun

The 4th of July is always a little bitter sweet for me – it seems like it marks the second half of summer and yet it feels like the fun is just beginning. In order to harness all of the excitement and anticipation that the 4th can bring, I love to plan games, adventures, and [...]

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