Monday, October 22, 2018

What Is Your Definition of Family?

Family Lessons From My Child Family is our choice. Those were the words my 8 year-old posed to me recently. He was making the eloquent argument for why he thought one ginormous celebratory party was in order for his birthday. While typically we give the kids a choice for birthday parties – friends at the [...]

Organize Your Family Life

And Save Time, Money, and Sanity Is the clutter in your home overwhelming your ability as a family to lead effective, less stressful lives? As busy parents we work to care for our partners and our kids, work as business owners or employees, and manage our homes. Why Does Home Organization Matter? Let’s face it [...]

5 Fun Ideas for Family Date Night

Do you love your family? So many of us immediately answer with an emphatic YES!, but fail to always act like it or know how to show it. Family date nights are important for reaffirming to your family how much your relationships matter, and help build stronger family bonds. Especially during busy and hectic times, [...]

Healthy Activities For The Whole Family

Healthy Activities For The Whole Family One of the best things you can do to ensure that your child develops a lifelong love of exercise and physical activity is to do some fitness activities together. If your child sees you participating in sports or working out, they will understand that these are important “things” to [...]

37 Activities To Do With Your Family On Your Front Porch

37 Activities To Do With Your Family On Your Front Porch We often take for granted a part of our home that we pass by day in and day out. What part is that? It is your front porch. If you have a medium to large front porch, think of it as an extension of [...]

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