Monday, October 22, 2018

Move over bowling, here come the other social games – Leisure e-Newsletter

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Playing Video Games Now a College Varsity Sport

This is just one more example of how the digital world is disrupting traditional entertainment, and now sports. Not only is pure digital displacing the physical and real world versions, but we are also seeing a convergence of digital and real world experiences creating new forms of competition. Continue reading → View full post on [...]

Games for Family Night

The Family that Plays Together, Stays Together The older the kids get, the more we have to make pointed efforts to have family night. Even on our recent wedding anniversary we celebrated by taking the time to just hang out together as a family – and that is no easy task when we have busy [...]

Dangerous Games Kids Play

It is a horrible image. A child with a noose. But the reality is that children across the globe are considering this a game and a way to achieve a legal, free, and easy high. The Choking Game is probably one of the scariest games I have heard about as a parent, but it is [...]

Baby Safety Precautions Outdoor Games

The safety of playground equipment and adult supervision, although very important, but this is just the only completed half of Security: the baby have to know how to ensure their own safety and in accordance with these safety rules to activities. Here are some general principles, the parents of the baby according to the activities [...]