Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Education Lessons of John Wayne

Character Education Builds Strong Students True grit. I hear that phrase and memories of watching John Wayne (AKA Rooster Cogburn) movies with my father tumble through my mind. But school officials in a few academies across the country have a renewed vision for grit – one that focuses on strong character traits as much (if not [...]

John Lewis: TP Outdoor Fun

TP Outdoor activity toys are about making sure that children have fun and learn through play. Watch the experts demonstrating how to have active fun in this short video! Of course playing in the fresh air isn’t just fun, it has health benefits too. Research has shown that active outdoor play burns more calories than [...]

John Lewis: TP Outdoor Toys

TP has been making outdoor toys since the hula hoop craze in 1959. This video tells you more about the quality and design of TP activity toys. TP ranges and materials have evolved considerably since the founders made hula hoops from tyres. They now use FSC-sourced wood or galvanised steel because of its anti-rust properties. [...]