Thursday, November 15, 2018

Helping Kids Set and Reach Goals

Last weekend provided one of those parenting moments for me that you need to tuck into your parenting suitcase to pull out when you need a boost. It has always been a parenting goal of mine to teach my children how to set goals that are important to them and then be able to achieve [...]

5 Science Resources for Kids

That Will Make Parents Smile, Too I could hear one child giggle and say, “I don’t think it’s supposed to do that.” Those are the words that can strike fear in the heart of a parent, especially when that parent is me, loading the washing machine, and knowing that the boys were to be completing [...]

Are Your Kids Healthy?

Healthy Kids for Life. That sounds like a wonderful future for my children. My kids haven’t lived long enough for us to know if they will always be healthy, eat well, and remain physically active, but I do know that I want to do what I can here and now to see that happen. Dr. [...]

Feed Your Kids Some Dinosaurs

And Other Back to School Traditions Two words – dinosaur pancakes. Since I can remember, my mom always started the first day of school each year by serving up pancakes shaped like dinosaurs for breakfast. That was the only time of year we delighted in such a breakfast menu, and I honestly have no idea [...]

Finding a College Fit for Your Kids

Helping Kids Select a College that Works for Them Yesterday I sat among other parents, most of us wondering how the time moved by so quickly, listening to advice from a Dean of Admissions at a local private college. We’ve all known this time was coming for our children, when they would spread their still damp educational [...]

Make Your Kids Work for It

 Why Chores Are Important for Work Ethic Even the word “chore” sounds like a downer – it rhymes with “bore”, people rarely say it with a smile, and even the definition in the dictionary defines “chore” in part as: a difficult or disagreeable task. So how can we as parents then teach our children to [...]

Cholesterol Tests for Kids: Necessary or Nonsense?

It’s time for your child’s check-up and you take him in to the doctor expecting his height and weight to be checked, and maybe an immunization for the chicken pox to be given. But are you ready for your pediatrician to order a cholesterol test for your 10 year-old who by all other accounts appears [...]

Cancer Genes and Kids

Should You Tell Them You’re a Carrier? Our children are living in a much different world than the one in which we grew up and explored. They have technology at their disposal and opportunities for travel and exploration that we never imagined. They are also living in an era where the tip of the iceberg [...]

5 Great Books for Kids

With Easy Activities and Lesson Plans Yesterday I wrote about my disappointment in the article written by Elizabeth DeMeo, 10 Scary Books for Kids to Avoid at Bedtime. It is time for me to put my money where my mouth is and describe my list of 5 books that I have loved to read with [...]

Are You Honest With Your Kids?

If you’re a parent – chances are you’ve lied. I have. Like the time I told my son “It’s really not that bad – just keep your hand on the papertowel and don’t move until we get to the ER,” when he fell from a tree and took a stick to his eye. Inside I [...]

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