Thursday, November 15, 2018

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Save the Last Dance

But Apparently Not for Daughters Sometimes we are so worried about teaching our children about equality and warning them against the evils of discrimination that we forget about common sense. We not only put on kid-friendly gloves, but we sanitize the surroundings and color everything the same shades so that we don’t risk hurting feelings [...]

Last Minute Labor Day Plans

Celebrate the Holiday with Easy Ideas Where did summer sneak off to during the night? The unofficial end to summer is upon us. If you are caught with a 3-day weekend and no plans for how to enjoy it with the kids, try some of these easy (and inexpensive) ways to enjoy a last hurrah. [...]

Deciding on a Baby’s First Name Is Easy, It’s the Last Name That’s Hard

Post by Amy Reiter You know that debate that rages — sometimes within our very own selves, or between us and our partners — about whether or not a woman should be expected to change her name when marrying? Well, that debate can lead to another dilemma — sometimes within our very own selves, or [...]