Monday, October 22, 2018

3 Ways to Teach Kids the Value of Money During the Holidays

Without Money Becoming the Most Valuable Thing Money doesn’t grow on trees. Money can’t buy happiness. Money talks. And the new one my daughter recently shared with me… M.O.M. stands for Made of Money. Teaching kids the value of money, without letting money become a core value, is a challenging job. Our kids are exposed [...]

Easy Money Saving Tips for Families

That Help Promote Financial Literacy Finances can be as stressful on families as health issues, moving to a new home, or starting a new job. Part of my job description as domestic engineer (it says so on my coffee cup) is to help my family use our money wisely, and to teach our kids how [...]

Schools Wasting Money and Failing Our Kids

The United States spends more money per student than any other country on the entire planet. Our children should be scoring the highest, getting the best grades, and having the brightest futures. That would be true if all of that money was well spent, and if money was the only thing that mattered. The documentary, [...]