Friday, November 16, 2018

Movie Attendance Continues its 12-Year Decline

Hollywood has reported that North American 2014 movie theater attendance dropped 6% from the previous year and box office revenue declined by 5%. Actually, the decline is greater when we adjust . . . Truth be told, there are much more fundamental reasons why moviegoing is on the decline. Continue reading → View full post [...]

Movie attendance continued its long-term decline in 2013

2013 North American movie box office results are in. On a per capita basis, movie attendance declined . . . the 2013 attendance decline is a continuation of a long-term trend of declining per capita attendance from its peak in 2002. Continue reading → View full post on White Hutchinson

Itty Bitty Baby Bumps of ‘What to Expect’ Movie Characters Are So Not the Real Deal

Post by Nicole Fabian-Weber The movie version of everybody’s favorite (or least favorite) pregnancy book, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, is just a stone’s throw away from being released. Actually, it’s more than a stone’s throw — last time I checked, it wasn’t being released until May — but still, that’s not stopping movie [...]