Sunday, October 21, 2018

Move over cows, here come the plants – Leisure e-Newsletter

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Move over bowling, here come the other social games – Leisure e-Newsletter

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The over expansion of sports bars? – Leisure e-Newsletter

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Would You Do It All Over Again?

Back to the Future – Living a Purposeful Life as a Parent and Grandparent Would you go back to high school if you could know then what you know now? Or how about take a trip like that infamous one Michael J. Fox took in Back to the Future? There is no time like the [...]

Playground Equipment – Deck Over Deck Design

See more Playground Designs: In legendary Burke style, when customers present a need, team members work tenaciously to meet their requests. The Deck-Over-Deck design is one such innovation. Several Burke representatives and customers asked for more creative play value options for tight spaces without losing the ability to accommodate the greatest number of kids [...]

Outdoor Playground Equipment | Up and Over: Advanced |Sports Legacy Zone

Steve Backley and Roger Black are Proludic virtual coaches and demonstrate how advanced users can perform the Up and Over on the Sports Legacy Zone, a new piece of outdoor playground equipment.

Chiropractic Watch Over Infants and Little Ones

Chiropractic has long been practiced, usually among adult patients. Some parents are also considering having their kids try the alternate treatment. You have to ensure that the approach is truly safe for the young ones to prevent unnecessary risks and dangers. Here are some details about the techniques, as well as some precautionary measures for [...]