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Scream Free Parenting

Is It Really Possible – and Effective? Parenting – it’s not about the kids. This is the ironic message that is delivered in Scream Free Parenting, by Hal Edward Runkel. According to Runkel we are too focused on our kids, too ready to help them, control them, mold them, and be with them. We scream [...]

Fasten Your Seatbelts! You’re Parenting a Tween

3 Bumps in the Road Tweens Face – and How We Can Help Them Charlene Giannetti and Margaret Sagarese, authors of The Roller-Coaster Years, pinpoint three of the issues of which I hear so many parents struggling with their tweens and young teenagers. Distraction Disorganization Disinterest This three ring circus, as described by Giannetti and [...]

21 Great Parenting Quotes

To Lift You Up and Make You Laugh Some days are just harder than others. We get sucked into the schedules, we snap at our spouses because our kids snapped at us, and even the dog seems on edge. No sock has a match, the sink is full of dirty dishes, and you just don’t [...]

My Parenting Bucket List

If you knew you only had a year left to live, or perhaps just months, what would you need and want to do with and for your children? This last year has been painfully inspiring to me as a mom – I’ve watched friends bury spouses way too early, leaving young children behind, and I’ve [...]

Breastfeeding Toddlers – Extreme Parenting or Natural Nurtition?

Is Attachment Parenting and Breastfeeding Extreme Parenting? Have you seen the cover of the May 10th issue of TIME Magazine? It, and the article to which it refers, is sparking controversy and debate over breastfeeding, especially when breastfeeding is associated with attachment parenting and “extreme parenting” as it is being called. The article recently published in TIME [...]

Parenting for Peace with Marcy Axness

Join us for an author event that will get you thinking about parenting ideas in ways you never imagined! Better Parenting is excited to announce that Marcy Axness, Mothering blogger and parenting expert, will be sharing her insights and ideas about her new book Parenting for Peace right here on April 23rd. Keep an eye on Better [...]

The Dangers of Cowboy Parenting

The Lessons a Laptop Shooting Parent Can Teach Us Have you heard about the one where the father shoots up the computer like a cowboy shoots up a saloon? While it might seem like a Wild West justice system, a father from California is either being hailed a hero for teaching his daughter a lesson [...]

Do You Have a Parenting Plan?

Would you get a job or move across the world without a plan? Probably not. There would be résumés to prepare and job hours to consider, or language barriers and cultural changes with which to deal. However, all too often parents find themselves without a plan for one of the most important jobs a person [...]

Parenting Made Easy: Baby Equipment Rentals

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As a parent to a new baby, you  will be seeing life with a whole new set of  eyes. While your feelings of unconditional love and devotion are quickly changing your perception of the world, it’s certainly not a stretch to confess that just about every detail in your life has gone through a major [...]