Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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The Power of Praise

Praise can be a powerful thing, and so can telling it like it is. David McCullough Jr., a high school teacher and son of Pulitzer Prize winner David McCullough, recently made headlines for his commencement address to the students of Wellesley High School. His message? You’re not special. While the sound of that might sound [...]

Playground Equipment: Power Peak Climber Play Event

www.bciburke.com The all new Power Peak Climber is a climber that challenges children ages 5–12 to climb at an angle while combining strength, balance and coordination. It also builds self-confidence and increases flexibility. Virtually every muscle from toes to arms gets a workout as the child uses hands and feet in a challenging climb to [...]

Fisher-Price Power Plus Swing – Best Electric Baby Swing

Fisher-Price Power Plus Swing is an electric baby swing which eliminates constant battery changes. If you are all out for going green, this electric baby swing helps you minimize battery purchases and usages. Fisher-Price Power Plus Swing All you need to do is plug it is to plus it into an outlet and turn it [...]