Monday, October 22, 2018

Printables to Encourage Reluctant Readers

Setting Reading Goals and Reaching for the Stars Are you a bookworm but you are raising a book-balker? A child who balks at most of the books you suggest from the shelves and who would rather shovel the snow and clean the toilets before willingly grabbing a book to devour? Many educators and parents are [...]

5 Free Reading Printables

To Encourage Reluctant Readers Not every child is an automatic reader – those kids who seem to pick up reading as easily as blinking and smiling, and who always seem to have books tucked under their arms (if not held in front of their faces). If you have a reluctant reader, or your child likes [...]

More Writing Printables

To Get Your Kids Excited about Words I love writing – but I’m ready to accept the fact that not everyone does. However, I’m not ready to resign myself to raising kids who don’t want to even try. This is why I’ve created some easy ways to get them, and any other kids, excited about [...]

Easy Halloween Party Printables

Fun and Free Halloween Fun – Printables and Games Goblins, ghouls, and sticky candy – what can be better than a Halloween party for the kids? Every years we like to welcome the day with bobbing for apples and a few games to kick off our trick-or-treating adventures. If you’re planning a Halloween party, or [...]