Monday, October 22, 2018

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Raising Writers and Readers

Can Begin with Poetry Free Lesson Plan and Tips You don’t have to be raising a Robert Frost or Emily Dickinson to feel the joy of poetry in your home. And not only is poetry fun for kids to hear you read (and for them to read to themselves), poetry is an excellent way to [...]

Raising an Overachiever

How to Raise Kids Who are Always Reaching for the Stars But Who Need to Learn How to Fall I’m fairly certain I won’t be offending my daughter if I refer to her as an overachiever. This will also not be the first time someone uses that phrase to describe her and judging by her [...]

Raising Gentlemen

In a World of Wild Beasts Boys will be boys. And moms can still raise sons who are gentlemen – right? The day my first son was born I looked into his eyes and promised myself that I would do everything I could to raise an honorable, loving, gentleman. Now that I have 3 sons [...]

Raising a Mama’s Boy

And Proud of It OK – my boys aren’t going to like that title. What guy wants to be called a mama’s boy? Well – maybe those guys who have learned through experience or even scientific research that when boys have close relationships with their moms they generally grow up to be healthier adolescents and [...]

Raising Successful Sons

Is your son failing? That was the question I posed yesterday, and it is the question that author Richard Whitmire believes is answered all too frequently with a resounding “Yes!” by parents. He writes in his book, Why Boys Fail, about the reasons that our sons are failing as they flounder in an educational system [...]

Are You Raising a Poor Sport?

Teaching Kids the Power of Good Sportsmanship Would you ever consider telling your 5-year-old to shove the ballerina next to her in the recital to give your daughter the advantage? Or would you smile if your 3-year-old son poked the soccer goalie in the eye so he couldn’t see the ball anymore? Of course (hopefully) [...]

Raising Children with Dignity

In an Undignified World Changing dirty diapers, wiping mashed bananas from the walls, and crawling along the cracker-dusted floor like a crocodile with your preschooler probably doesn’t seem very dignified. But consider a different idea of what it means to parent with dignity, and how that approach can positive impact your children’s lives. The dictionary [...]