Saturday, October 20, 2018

Printables to Encourage Reluctant Readers

Setting Reading Goals and Reaching for the Stars Are you a bookworm but you are raising a book-balker? A child who balks at most of the books you suggest from the shelves and who would rather shovel the snow and clean the toilets before willingly grabbing a book to devour? Many educators and parents are [...]

Raising Writers and Readers

Can Begin with Poetry Free Lesson Plan and Tips You don’t have to be raising a Robert Frost or Emily Dickinson to feel the joy of poetry in your home. And not only is poetry fun for kids to hear you read (and for them to read to themselves), poetry is an excellent way to [...]

Help Reluctant Readers Love Books

Reluctant reader is a relatively new term that it being brought to the forefront of many educational conversations. According to Think Literacy,  reluctant readers are those who Appear to be unmotivated to read Lack self-esteem in their reading abilities Report difficulties in reading because of outside interference (i.e. noise) Are frustrated with difficulty levels of [...]